Do you want to discover the hidden beauties of Macedonia, and you have not thought about a location where you could do that? If that’s the case, read this blog where we will offer you a great idea of ​​where you could spend the next weekend / holiday with your family or friends.

Lake Prespa is the second largest natural lake in the Republic of Macedonia. Although unfortunately it is often in the shadow of the more famous Lake Ohrid, Lake Prespa still has a lot to offer. The area of Prespa is rich in history and tradition, and it is worth exploring first hand. If you have not explored the Prespa region, and you would like to, in this blog we offer you a proposal for accommodation that will help you to its experience the culture and tradition in an authentic way.


Villa Prespa is a beautiful family house built of solid stone by a local resident who spent years working abroad and retired in the village Dolno Dupeni with his wife where he led a peaceful agricultural life. It was purchased by the Josifovski family at the beginning of the COVID pandemic in May 2020.

The initial purpose for buying the house was for the family to have a place / weekend home where they can get away from the hustle and bustle of the capital and enjoy the clean air and nature of the Prespa region. However, when they started the reconstruction of the house, the family realized that in addition to serving as a family weekend home, the house has the capacity and potential to be used in other ways, i.e. it can be used to offer authentic accommodation to visitors to the Prespa region.

From October 2020, the entire property was gradually renovated, which resulted in the launch of 3 guest units in October 2021, and the remaining few rooms should open in 2023. Most of the furniture and interior decorations are locally and handmade, and during the whole process only local building materials were used.

The owners of Villa Prespa believe that the tourists of the new and older generation deserve to have a unique life experience by being accomodated in a village such as the Dolno Dupeni, in Macedonia – the last Terra Incognita in Europe.

With their stay at Villa Prespa, guests will be away from the urban jungle in which they live, in an untouched rural setting, where life still continues as before, simple and natural.

If you decide to stay at Villa Prespa, one thing is for sure: you will enjoy! You will enjoy your stay in the comfortable rooms of Villa Prespa, the amazing nature, the friendly locals and the delicious cuisine!


Between April and October 2022, Villa Prespa will introduce “al fresco” – a new dining concept, which is essentially a private pop-up outdoor meal to be held on Saturdays and Sundays, in order to bring people together to appreciate great local and seasonal food.

When guests arrive for private meals, they will be greeted with a light snack and a local seasonal drink. Guests will sit at their table and start a meal consisting of 3 dishes and one dessert. The food is related to local wines from small series producers, selected by Ivana Simjanovska, wine author and international wine judge from Macedonia.


LinkAcross Video Production had the opportunity to collaborate with the owners of Villa Prespa. The cooperation consisted of recording and realization of a promotional video, and it was made possible through the GrowBiz project. Because of that, we decided to ask them a few questions to find out what they think about the video project that LAVP has implemented for the needs of their business.

Before joining GrowBiz, did you think about making a professional promotional video? What is the offer for this type of service in Macedonia?

Yes, we thought, and the offer is good, but it is expensive because we needed promo videos for a number of services we offer. Outsourcing a professional promotional video is something that greatly increases the cost of managing our business. We do not currently have the budget to outsource video production, so our plan is to do in-house production (drone / dslr / mobile). We hope that from June 2022 we will start with those activities.

How would you rate the cooperation with LinkAcros as an NGO, and with LinkAcros Video Production?

Great! We easily managed both the planning and the realization of the video. The result is obvious: phenomenal video from just one day of shooting.

Did the collaboration with LAVP, and the video, meet your expectations?

Yes, definitely!

How did the video serve you, and did it help you with your goals?

The video is a kind of introduction, for the viewer to get an impression of Villa Prespa, as well as our range of services and activities. The video helped us get positive impressions. Prespa as a tourist region is unknown to foreign audiences, so in the future we will need even more quality video content from locations / activities / features of Prespa that we will need to communicate to different target markets. However, we took the first step with the video with LinkAcross Video Production, and this video set a high standard that we will need time to reach.

The video that LinkAcross Video Production made for Villa Prespa: