The company “Textile Solution” was founded in 2016 by an ambitious, but also very experienced management team, which has been working professionally in the textile industry for 20 years.

The primary activity of the company is making protective clothing. The company is working based on the “loan” concept – a service that is currently the most prevalent in the textile industry in our country. The “loan” service means that the company does not design and create a product, but performs the sewing service and, in our case, the specific finishing and sewing of the seams on an already designed product from a foreign partner company.

Initially “Textile Solution” began with the production of standard HTZ equipment, but soon, due to the lack of such a service in our market and beyond, the team recognized the possibility of implementing a specific “Seam sealing technology”.

In this way, they create a new service that elevates the company to a slightly higher level than other companies operating in the field of “loan” service.

All the products “Textile Solution” makes are for export, as they currently do not have their own product. But they are hoping and planning that in the future they can offer their own products.


LinkAcross Video Production had the opportunity to cooperate with the owners of Textile Solution. The cooperation was made possible by the GrowBiz project, through which small and medium-sized businesses in Macedonia received help for growth and expansion. On that occasion, we decided to ask a few questions to the manager of Textile Solution (Maja Aceski) to find out what her opinion about the GrowBiz project is, and how the promo video that LAVP did for their business helped their needs.

How did you find out about the GrowBiz project?

We were informed about the GrowBiz project through an event organized by the textile cluster in Macedonia. As soon as the project was mentioned, we showed interest because the concept was very interesting to us, because it covered several segments. Through the project we got an audit of our production, marketing, promo video and business coaching sessions.

What is the value you got from the GrowBiz project?

All services we received from GrowBiz are of great importance to our company because they have helped us in many ways to check and improve our operations. The production audit gave us very good feedback and guidance as to where we are and what we need to improve.

The marketing audit also gave us very useful tips on how to improve the promotion of our company and how to create a modern and useful website.

Coaching sessions with our business coach John Hirt were a great experience for me personally; they gave me a great opportunity for self-knowledge and discovering beliefs and thoughts that hinder my professional and personal realization. The wonderful approach of the coach made it possible for me to have a comfortable and safe place to share my privacy in the interest of the process of growth and development.

Are you satisfied with the video that LinkAcross Video Production recorded for your business?

We made a great promo video for our company at very high standards and with a nice visual effect. Thank you for the wonderful cooperation that was very professional.

The video that LinkAcross Video Production recorded for the needs of Textile Solution: