The importance and influence of videos in today’s internet world cannot be disputed. A growing number of businesses are opting to convey their products and messages through video. But in video marketing, the word “video” is a very general term because there are many types of videos. Each video is unique both in the content it conveys and its purpose. In this and the next blog we will write about the most common types of videos that are proven to help businesses and organizations grow.


Every business has its own story. Some businesses are family owned and started several generations ago, others are new. But all have their own unique story that is worth telling if the business is focused on growth. If you want to tell your story to a wider audience, the best way to do it is through video.

Videos help you present your brand creatively and in a way that will be most acceptable to the majority of potential customers. According to the latest research, videos are a far better way to convey a specific message than text or images.

But when we think of videos, we think of something very general. There are different types of videos that would help your business and brand to be presented to the public and potential customers. The most common types of videos are:


As the name suggests, the idea behind this type of video is to promote something to the general public. Businesses commonly use promotional videos to introduce a particular product, service or event to the general public for the first time. A promotional video also helps internet users who are already familiar with your business to see something new you have to offer them.

The main purpose of promotional videos is not to fully and thoroughly explain the product/service/event you are offering, but to give viewers a kind of overview of what it is all about, something that would stir their curiosity and challenge them to come and buy from you (something like a movie trailer).

Although the goal of any video, especially promotional videos, is to sell what you have to offer, it is very important that this will not be the main message of the promotional video. It is much better if viewers get the feeling that you are presenting something to them, not that you are selling them something. If what you have to offer is well presented, the chances that you will sell it are very high. On the other hand, if viewers are constantly urged to buy what you have to offer, it can have the opposite effect of the desired one.


Corporate videos are meant to represent your business. As with promotional videos, the very name of this type of video lets us know that it aims to represent a specific corporation/business. If a promotional video helps you present a specific product/service/aspect of your business and aims to sell something, a corporate one helps you give a general presentation of your entire business and aims to explain something.

These types of videos can be aimed at customers – individuals, but they can also be aimed at businesses that you would like to do business with in the future. The main purpose of a corporate video is to let others know what kind of business it is, what is the history of the business, the change that your business makes in their lives and society, what are the values ​​that your business stands for, your mission and vision etc.

All this would result in the promotion of your brand. It could encourage viewers to understand what your business’s mission is and not only appreciate it, but join you in fulfilling it, knowing they are part of something that makes a difference in their lives, the lives of others, and in society as well.


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