The Matka Canyon is perhaps the most beautiful place you can visit in Skopje and its area. The natural resources in the Matka area have left many tourists speechless. Very often, tourists visit the Matka Canyon only for a short time – a few hours a day. However, if you want to experience Matka in the right way, you will need to stay around for a couple of days.

If you are thinking about doing this, this blog may be useful for you. In it we will suggest two very comfortable places where you can stay in your adventurous endeavor in the exploration of Matka Canyon, or in your vacation at Matka.

Read this blog to the end, and find out why you should consider enjoying the comfort of Riverside Haven and Hillside Haven.


The Matka Canyon is a perfect place for relaxing in nature. But it is not just a place just for relaxing in nature, because at Matka Canyon you can enjoy other activities such as: hiking, rock climbing, diving in an underwater cave, renting a kayak, visiting monasteries and churches, mountain biking, etc. At Matka, there is something for everyone’s taste!

Exploring the Matka Canyon and all its beauties in just one day is an impossible mission. To truly experience this amazing piece of nature you will need at least a few days. The good news is not just that there are places where you can stay in Matka, but there are places that will enrich your experience of it.


Riverside Haven is a two-bedroom house located in Dolna Matka, about 11 kilometers from the capital Skopje. A great feature of this house is not only the construction (which is made of wood and masonry), but also the location: the building is located next to the river Matka, and on the opposite side of the site of a large rock.

The location of Riverside Haven is unique in the Matka area and is one of the reasons why you should consider this place as a place to stay during your visit at Matka. If you are a nature lover, you will surely like Riverside Haven and it will not leave you indifferent.

The facility is managed by Eric and Lisa, who are not only in love with the beautiful nature of the Matka Canyon, but also with their hospitality and careful service, they help all their guests and tourists experience the same.

In addition to all these advantages, in the large yard of Riverside Haven there is a lot of greenery, sunbeds, equipment for making barbeque, etc.


Hillside Haven is another accommodation option that you might want to consider if you want to stay in Matka and explore its nature. It is a building that not only has several types of accommodation (for couples or families), but also has its own kitchen, and as part of the building there is a restaurant / cafe.

This facility is not only suitable for family vacations, but also for events in which many people participate. Whether it is a seminar or a team building event, Hillside Haven is a great place to bring your team from work for a few days to ‘charge their batteries’.

Like Riverside Haven, Hillside Haven is also managed by Eric and Lisa, who, although foreigners, have learned and practiced Macedonian hospitality excellently.


LinkAcross Video Production had the opportunity to collaborate with the owners of Riverside and Hillside Haven. The collaboration consisted of recording and making a promotional video, and it was realized through the GrowBiz project. Because of that, we decided to ask the business owners a few questions to find out what their opinion is about the video project that LAVP made for them.

Were you thinking of making a professional promotional video before joining GrowBiz? What is the offer for this type of service in Macedonia?
Before the GrowBiz project, we thought about presenting our two facilities via video, but we believed that the price for that would be really high. Also, we didn’t know who to contact for this kind of a project.

How would you describe the cooperation with LinkAcross as an NGO?
The GrowBiz project was perfect for our needs. LinkAcross has exceeded our expectations, giving us practical and concrete information, not just theory and concepts.


How was your cooperation with LinkAcross Video Production and is the video helping you achieve your goals?
The level of communication was high. Sasko heard our needs and ideas, he accepted them and made the video accordingly. The shooting went well, and we really could not be more satisfied with the final product.