Lipa is a company that was established in 1994. It started as a small local shop, but in 2004 the owners decided to start with organic agricultural production and today Lipa is one of the largest producers of various types of organic products, mostly raw materials, in Macedonia. They produce organic cereals, beans, grapes and alfalfa for animals. Lipa also produces madzun, various jams and flours and you can buy them on their website

Lipa also offers various types of services for farmers, such as selection of 125 types of seeds, as well as alfalfa pelleting. Lipa’s goal is to produce and sell quality agricultural products through the application of sustainable organic practices. In the last two years, Lipa has been exporting organic vegetables to a partner company in Serbia (organic farmers) that manufactures ajvar and various types of vegetable jams produced for the Austrian market.

In addition, Lipa also offers unique opportunities for gastronomic tourism for all lovers of traditional food prepared in a traditional way with natural and untreated products: delicious recipes for pies, sarma, baked beans, stuffed peppers, home-made vegetables, soft meats, falafel, hummus, homemade cheese, grilled meat from home-raised animals, as well as organic wine tasting.

Another important service offered by Lipa, which may stir interest among the fans of Macedonian traditional food, is the preparation of zimnica. If you want to enjoy a delicious winter dish, but you don’t have time (or don’t know how) to prepare it, Lipa will do it for you!


LinkAcross Video Production had the opportunity to cooperate with the owners of Lipa. The collaboration consisted of filming and making promotional videos (one for the domestic market, one for the foreign market), and it was made possible through the GrowBiz project.

On that occasion, we decided to ask a few questions to the owner of Lipa (Suzana Dimitrievska) to find out what their opinion is about the video project that LAVP did for the needs of their business.

Before participating in GrowBiz, did you think about making a professional promotional video (or have you already made one)? What is the offer for this type of service in Macedonia?

“Before participating in GrowBiz, we as Lipa did not think about making a professional video for the promotion of our business, but with the making of the video, a new wider perspective opened up for us on how to promote the business. We also decided to create a website where we will upload our video, and we hope to invest even more in such professional videos in the future.

The offer of such professional videos in the country is almost invisible and for us this was an exceptional opportunity to see what a professional approach means in making a high-quality video for business promotion.”

How would you rate the cooperation with LinkAcross as an NGO, and with LinkAcross Video Production (LAVP)?

“We had a great collaboration with Link Across as an NGO, which also has an extremely professional team and offers the opportunity to get excellent mentoring support and the opportunity to learn a lot.

With their help, we created an excellent plan for the growth of our business, and by making the video, we increased the visibility of our company and got the opportunity to access more buyers of organic food and raw materials, and of course, the promotion of our services.”

Did the cooperation with LAVP and the video meet your expectations?

“Yes, the video met our expectations and as an opening video it does a great job of presenting our company.”

How did the video serve you, and did it help you in terms of your goals?

“We put it on our website and it’s certainly time to think about more professional videos like this to promote our organic products and our services.”

The videos that LinkAcross Video Production made for Lipa’s needs: