You have a great product, service or message that you want to present to the internet users who would be interested to hear and see what you have to say / offer. But have you thought about the best way to reach your audience?

You may have taken specific marketing steps, but you have not achieved the desired result:

  • You have defined your target group

  • You have posted your status (s) on social media

  • You have posted a number of pictures and descriptions of your product / service, etc.


You are convinced that the product or service you offer is of great quality, but your Facebook texts and photos do not convince others. What could be the reason for that? One of the many reasons may be this: your (potential) customers prefer to watch videos rather than read texts.



Here are some interesting statistics related to the video marketing:

  • videos get 1,200% more online sharing than texts;

  • users spend 88% more time on websites that have video compared to those that do not have video;

  • research shows that when people watch video, they can remember up to 95% of the video message, compared to reading text;

  • it is 27 times more likely for users to click on an ad that has a video, compared to one that has text or just a picture; etc.


Here is a statistic (which is the result of research) that vividly explains the popularity and importance of video among customers, compared to other means of conveying a message:

It’s obvious: video is enjoying immense popularity among internet users! The results of all these statistics and surveys are as they are because video is a tool that is far more powerful in conveying a certain message compared to all other means.

When people ‘scroll’ on Facebook or a particular website, they often stop watching the videos that are posted. This is because our eyes are sensitive to movement, and that is why the movements in the video naturally attract our attention.

When Internet users have a choice, whether to read a text you have posted, or to watch a video that your competitor has posted – in most cases they will opt for your competitor’s video. Although it is not wrong to use text when you want to convey a message on the Internet, research and reality show that through video your message is conveyed in a way that is more appropriate to the taste of Internet users.


Videos are a great tool for conveying a message, whether it is a specific product or service of your business or a goal that your organization wants to achieve. We live in a time when video is not something you can have, but something you must have if you want your business or organization to thrive.

Many businesses and organizations are aware of the effectiveness of video marketing and are working to make the most of it. If you want to increase the popularity of your brand on the Internet, and with your product, service and message to reach more people, you need video.

Video marketing has almost every advantage over using text to convey a particular message, and it is therefore worth investing in. Video is far more appealing than text and video messages are better remembered than text messages.

Also, through video, using the tone of your voice, your body language and other visual aids, you will be able to bring your brand closer to Internet users in a more creative and enthusiastic way. Therefore, if you want others not only to notice, but also to remember your brand – use video marketing!