Increased sales is one of the main goals of all businesses. But how do you achieve that goal with your business? What are the steps you can take to increase the sales of your products and services?

In the last blog we wrote about how videos help consumers make decisions. This time we continue the conversation in that direction and will address the topic of increased sales that is a result of good and creative video marketing strategies used by businesses.

Given that video strongly influences customer’s decision making, it should come as no surprise that video is one of the reasons why some businesses have increased sales and others have not. In this blog we will think about the reasons why videos help increase sales, and what videos would help you achieve that goal.


According to research by Wyzowl, video marketing has helped 76% of businesses increase their sales. The same company as part of another series of surveys came to the conclusion that 74% of Internet users interviewed bought a particular product or service after watching a video about it.

Such and similar research clearly shows that videos not only help internet users be aware of your business and the quality of the products and services you offer, but also have a significant impact on their buying decisions. It is therefore not surprising that not only large but also more and more medium and small businesses are starting to use video marketing.


The advantage of video over all other means of transferring information is that the video is comprehensive. Video is a combination of image, sound, movement (and sometimes animation) that conveys the message to potential customers in the most effective way and in the shortest possible time. All this helps customers not only to get into the content you offer, but also to connect with it.

The second important advantage of video is that video presents your product/service in the most appropriate way to those potential consumers who do not have the opportunity to come to your store and see for themselves what you offer first hand. You can try to present your products/services through text or image, but the video helps them to see what their life will be like when they use them.

Both of these advantages of video significantly influence the decision of customers, and consequently the increased sales of your products/services. If you manage to present your quality products/services to the internet audience in a creative way, statistics and experience promise you good results.


There are different types of videos that can increase your sales. While each type of video deserves more explanation (this is something we will do in some of the following blogs), this time we will briefly give you some suggestions on the types of videos that will help you increase your sales.


  • PRODUCT VIDEO: as the name of this type of video says, it is a video that explains the product or service you offer. The important thing about this type of video is not only to record your product or service, but also to show how it will improve the quality of life of your potential client. Remember, customers do not care about what you have to offer, but how what you offer will change their lives.

  • PROMOTIONAL VIDEO: promotional videos are used when you have a new product or service and you want to show it to the public for the first time. The promotional video helps internet users who are already familiar with your business to see what you have to offer them, so that they can continue to buy from you.

  • TESTIMONIALS: these videos help Internet users hear first-hand experience from a customer who has already used your products and services. There is nothing wrong with praising your product/service yourself, but the words of one of your existing customers who will address potential customers will surely have a big impact on their decision.

    Whether one of these types of videos is what your business needs, or you need another type of video (interview, animation, demo, etc.), the most important thing is for your video to have quality, to be creative and to invite viewers to action.


Video marketing significantly affects the sales of products and services that businesses offer in the market. If you want to keep up with other businesses that are already seeing the benefits of video marketing, it’s time to take a step forward in that direction and get started.

Video marketing means investing finances. The amount of money does not have to be very high, but it still needs to be made. In all this, do not forget that investing in a good video marketing strategy is actually something that will pay off many times over.