The importance and influence of videos in today’s world cannot be disputed. A growing number of businesses are choosing to convey their products and messages through video. But in video marketing, the word “video” is a very general term because there are many types of videos. Each type of video is special both in the content it conveys and in the purpose it should achieve. As in the previous one, in this blog we will write about the most common types of videos that have been proven to help businesses and organizations gain the trust of consumers and consequently grow.


Testimonials are videos in which your customers, who have already used the products and services you offer, share their experience in working with your business. Of course, with this type of videos, you need to include customers who are satisfied with your product/service and are ready to give an honest recommendation for it.

In most cases, video testimonials are videos in which one or more customers share an experience about how a certain business (yours) helped them solve a life problem, and how that same business with its products/services can do the same for those who are faced with the same challenges as they were.

Why shoot this type of video? The answer is simple: video testimonials help your potential customers better understand the effect of the product or service you offer. Yes, you can make a video of yourself explaining how good and useful your product (or service) is. But that doesn’t let potential customers know what someone who would be more objective – someone who won’t profit if that product (or service) is sold – thinks about it.

Video testimonials help potential customers connect with your business, and the bridge that would connect you is your existing customers. Although the internet also offers you options for written testimonials from your customers (on your website, on social media or on your Google My Business profile), a video will leave a much bigger impression compared to written text.



FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. Recording a video answering frequently asked questions about your business can go a long way in connecting with your existing customers, but it can also help you gain the trust of potential customers.

If you sell a particular product or service, it is almost certain that consumers will have certain questions before they buy it, or after they buy it. Sometimes you will receive those questions personally from the customers themselves in your store (or in the field), and sometimes they can be posted online via a comment on your social media, or sent to you via email.

Although consumers may have a number of questions, it is highly likely that some of these questions are repeated. Instead of answering the same questions over and over again via text, it will be much better and more useful for your customers to do it via video.

Videos convey a much more compelling message compared to text. Through the video, consumers will be able to see your facial expression, body language, and all of this will contribute to a better way of experiencing your customer care. In this way, existing and potential customers will realize that you are not only aware of their needs and questions, but also that you have tried to address them in a way that is most suitable for them.




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