We live in a time where each of us has a photo and video camera in our pocket. Smartphones are becoming more and more advanced not only in their appearance, but also in the cameras that are installed in them. Consequently, each of us has a powerful tool in our pocket that is used every day, both for taking pictures/recording friends and family and for making semi-professional pictures and videos.

If you’re one of those smartphone users who likes to experiment with video recording and editing, this blog is definitely for you. Of course, this blog is not only about those who like to shoot with their phones, but also those who do so with separate semi-professional and professional digital cameras.

In this and the next blog we will write about four most famous softwares (programs) that you can use to process your videos. We have good news and bad news. The good news is that two of these softwares are free, and the other two are paid.


The Adobe company is known for offering creative software that is used for various purposes: animation, photo processing, formatting documents and books, creating graphics, etc. One of the many software solutions that Adobe offers is called Premiere Pro, and it is video editing software.

Premiere Pro is perhaps the most well-known and widely used video editing software because it offers a large number of features, has an interface that users can navigate relatively easily, and unlike some other software, it is available for the two most popular operating systems: Windows and macOS.

While Premiere Pro has all the features of professional video editing software, it can also be used by creative individuals (or business owners looking to improve their video marketing) who are willing to put in a few hours and learn the basics of video processing.

This software offers you all the possibilities you will need when it comes to editing videos: cutting and merging several clips into one, processing the colors and brightness of videos, adding images, text and graphics, inserting transitions between clips, working with green screen, etc.

In all of this, you should keep one important piece of information in mind, and that is that Premiere Pro is a paid software. Unlike the rest of the software we write about in this blog, Premiere Pro is the only one that you can’t buy, but you have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $19 to use it.

Pros of Premere Pro:
+ Highly professional software
+ It offers you everything you could need for video processing
+ There are a large number of users on the Internet who explain to you through videos how to use the software
+ It has more video and audio processing options compared to other softwares

Cons of Premiere Pro:
Compared to some other software, it is not so easy to use
You can’t buy it, you need to pay subscription


If you are a fan of computer programs that are simple and easy to understand, Final Cut Pro is the software that you will surely like. Like most programs that are used exclusively on macOS, Final Cut has a minimalistic interface that will take you a relatively short time to understand and use.

Otherwise yes, one of the main reasons why Final Cut Pro is software that is not for everyone is because it can be used only with devices that use macOS system. Which means if you don’t have an iMac, MacBook or Mac mini – you won’t be able to use this program.

But for all users of macOS devices who want to learn how to process videos, Final Cut Pro is a great option that we as a video production company would sincerely recommend. We have been using this software exclusively for years because it is both easy to use and professional.

Like Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro is a digital tool that you have to pay for if you want to use it. The advantage of Final Cut Pro is that you pay only once, and then the software is yours – and with it all future updates. Currently, the price is $299.

Pros of Final Cut Pro:
+ Highly professional software
+ Easy to use
+ Minimalistic appearance
+ Apple offers you the option of a 90-day trial period before you decide whether to buy the software
+ Great online support through YouTube videos on how to use it
+ You pay it once and it’s yours forever
+ Recommended by LinkAcross Video Production 🙂

Cons of Final Cut Pro:
Only those who have macOS devices can use it
Not cheap compared to some other video editing software
If you have a device with macOS, along with the operating system you also get iMovie – free basic video editing software that it may be sufficient for your needs (and a reason good enough not to spend $299 on Final Cut Pro)