1. Introduction

LinkAcross-Skopje, Branch Office in the Republic of Macedonia, with its seat at Helsinki Street No. 47/1-5, Skopje – Karpos is identified through the website and has established this Policy.
LinkAcross cares of the security of your personal data.
The Policy contains important information that you need to know and be aware of in the process of processing your personal data, so please read this Cookie Policy carefully.

2. What are cookies?

Cookies are pieces of information that are stored on a computer device and stored on it when visiting a web page. Cookies store information that helps make a website more functional, such as: remembering the language settings from the last time you visited that website. That way you do not have to re-post them when visiting the same website. We use some cookies to collect statistics. Cookies also help us identify which parts of the website are useful and which need to be improved, and track your use of the website to provide you with targeted ads.

3. What types of cookies are there?

There are two types of cookies: direct and indirect.
Cookies that are saved on your computer on the first visit to the website and communicate directly with the website are called direct cookies. They allow the exchange of data between the website and your device, so when you visit the website again from the same device, the cookie and the information stored on it are sent to the website.
Indirect cookies allow the exchange of data between the website and third parties. The Website may share the information it collects about you when you visit it with these people and use it when you visit other websites. These indirect cookies are used for analytics or advertising purposes.

4. What cookies does use?

Website uses the following cookies


1. How are cookies set?

When you visit the website, cookies are set automatically. By using the Website you agree to use the listed cookies.

If you do not want to use cookies, you can configure it on your browser in the “cookie management” section, but depending on the browser, the procedure is different for Internet ExplorerMozilla FirefoxGoogle Chrome or Safari.

2. Final Provisions

This policy was last revised on 23.9.2021.