If you have a business or an organization through which you want to offer a particular product, service or message, one of the many questions you will face in meeting that goal is: what are the tools I can use to reach people?

There are many ways, but as in the previous blog, in this one we will continue to argue that the most effective way you can reach potential customers is through video. Video is the most popular means by which internet users would like to find out about a new product or service (we wrote about that in the last blog – click here for more).

But there is another very important advantage of video: the most famous search platform in the Internet world – Google is the place where the advantage is given to those businesses that, among other things, have video. Let’s explain this.

When a potential customer searches for a product or service on Google, whether or not your business will be among the first depends on the level of SEO that your website has on Google. Of course, if your business appears among the first, the chances are higher that the potential customer will come to you for the required product / service.


SEO (abbreviated as Search Engine Optimization) is the improvement of the popularity of a particular website on the internet. That is, SEO is what helps your website to be one of the first websites that customers will notice when they search for the products / services you offer. That is the desire and goal of all business owners when it comes to the online presence of their businesses. But SEO is not something that just happens.

For Google to improve the SEO of your business, there are several aspects you need to work on:

  • the content of the website

  • keywords used on the website

  • writing blogs

  • whether and how often your business and website are published on other websites or social media

  • video marketing


Google’s algorithm is also aware of the reality that Internet users are much more interested in watching videos than in reading text. Google’s algorithm was created to offer a better user experience. This means that businesses and organizations that have video, have an advantage in Google’s algorithm, because they have tried to provide exactly what attracts and retains the attention of Internet users.

No, this does not mean that if you record a video (no matter how good it is), your business or organization will automatically be the first to come up with a Google search. But because internet users prefer to watch video rather than read text, the mere fact that you have a video on your website would mean that your site would be something they would be interested in seeing.

It’s simple: Google wants to offer Internet users what they enjoy most, and that is videos. If your business has videos, Google will redirect them to you. Videos are important to Google, and they should be important to you.

That is why it is good and useful to have a video (maybe more than one) that is related to your business, products or services. Internet users want to watch and share good videos, which means that if you have a good and creative video on your website (and on social media) more and more people will not only watch it, but also share the video with their friends. And that will send a signal to Google that the content you offer is good, relevant and high quality, which (again) will result in improving your SEO.


Of course, this is not an end in itself. The reason why you should consider making a video that would help make your business popular is not only to let people know that you exist and offer a particular product or service, but also to be able to sell those products or services. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind that video is one of the important aspects of your online presence, because it helps you increase your chances of selling your products and services.

Good video marketing significantly contributes to the decision of customers which product or service they will decide to spend their money on.

The importance of video marketing for SEO is that your potential customers will spend more time on your site, and it all helps in ranking your website. Therefore, you should not see the video as something that only wastes your money and time, but as an important and necessary investment that will return to you in the future.