What are the factors that influence customers’ decision to buy a particular product or service? What can you do as a business to make it easier for customers to make a decision and attract them to your product or service? In addition to the quality of your product/service, there is another very important point that you should pay attention to.

With the onset of the Covid pandemic, more and more consumers began shopping online. Especially at the beginning of the pandemic, when there were longer periods when they could not get out, consumers slowly but surely began to pay more and more attention to online shopping.

Some businesses were prepared for this and handled the situation relatively well. Others have failed and were barely surviving. Those businesses that had established an online presence were somehow prepared for the pandemic, and the rest were still adjusting to the new situation. But even if you are part of the second group of businesses, it is not too late to make a change.

A good and quality online presence of a business consists of several aspects. In this blog we will focus on an important part of the online presence of businesses, and that is videos, i.e. video marketing. How do videos help your customers decide on the products/services that your business offers in the market? Let’s answer this question.


The fact is that for consumers to decide on a particular product or service, it needs to be of good quality and be delivered on time. But for them to be convinced that the product or service is of good quality, you should try to explain it to them.

There are several ways to explain the product / service to potential customers: image, text, presentation, statistics, brochure, etc. But, as we saw in our first blog, research shows that almost 70% of consumers would like to know about a new product / service through a video.

The application is very clear: if you want to show something to consumers, do it through a video. We live in a time when video is not only used for entertainment, but also for information. Therefore, if you want to inform them in a way that is most appropriate for them, you will need to use video. Consumers trust those businesses that have tried to communicate their message to them in a way that suits them.


Video is a combination of visual content composed of movements, voice, body language, demonstration and music that satisfies the appetite of the viewers. Videos help consumers connect with you, your story, but also learn how you can improve the quality of their lives.

If all this is packaged in a creative and quality way, it will encourage positive feelings in the viewers, and will increase the chances of their response. That’s exactly your goal with your internet presence right?

Consumers often use/search videos for three reasons:

  • to decide which specific product to buy (whether or not the purchase will take place online or in a store)

  • to compare different brands that offer similar products (to choose the brand that is most suitable for them)

  • to see what the use of a particular product looks like in everyday situations

I guess sometimes you needed to buy a product that you are sure is widespread around the world. Especially if it is a more expensive product, before ordering it you want to check the experience of others who have already bought that product. And very important, you want to know if anyone recorded a video to show the product: what it looks like, how it is used, and how it improves life. Other consumers do the same, so it’s important to help them make their choice when it comes to the products/services you sell.

But videos can have another important application when it comes to reaching potential customers. Although some of them know what kind of product they need, there are some internet users who do not necessarily go online to search for certain products, but they would still be interested if they see a good and creative video of your product.

Videos can help you reach such potential customers as well. If you record creative and quality videos in which you appropriately present your products and services, and post them on social networks (lately especially useful tools for that purpose are facebook, instagram reels and TikTok), chances are you will reach that (seemingly disinterested) internet audience


Nowadays, businesses that want to survive and thrive must have a video marketing strategy. Having in mind everything we have said so far, the next thing that would make sense is for your business to make videos that explain your products/services and post them on social media.

If you are unfamiliar with the world of video marketing, you can contact a business that specializes in that field and hire their services. Although it will cost you, do not forget that it is an investment, which if you make, will significantly increase your chances of reaching and influencing your potential customers.